Avg Investor vs Rich Investor – by Ketan Vora

(Avg Investor): My house is my biggest investment.
(Rich Investor): A house is a liability
(Avg Investor): Diversification reduces risk
(Rich Investor): Diversification is de-worsify-cation (Warren Buffett quotes)
(Avg Investor): Stock market is risky
(Rich Investor): Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing
(Avg Investor): Avoid risk
(Rich Investor): Take more control and manage risk
(Avg Investor): Real estate never comes down (extremely popular in India)
(Rich Investor): All markets go up and down
(Avg Investor): Saving money is good
(Rich Investor): Saving money pays maximum ~8% before tax, inflation is ~10%, so saving money is a guaranteed loss.
I could go on, but hopefully, you get the point.