Mahabharatham Game of Dice Vs Trading !!!

Mahabharatham Game of Dice Vs Trading !!!

When I was struggling for success in trading , I get this advise very often – Even the Most honest and God natured Dharma or Pandavas can’t win in Game of Dice or Gambling , so why you still try to win in Trading as it’s that not possible….

Well I know they are wrong but don’t have any logical reason to counter them.

Then I understood the ultimate truth ,winning needs strategy ( Proper Defined Trading Method) . Kauaravas may be bad but they had one of the best strategist- Sakuni on their side . Pandavas on the other side had the world s best strategist – Lord Krishna with them but they don’t want to use him as they thought it’s unfair to play Dice but can’t be refused due to Royal rules ( There is a separate story as Dharma was praying Krishna should not come on the way where they are going to play Dice)  . Well if Krishna was with them in the Game of Dice , there is no way , Pandavas would have lost it .

Therefore my point is Pandavas did not loose because of Trading but they played without Krishna or their strategy and there by lost all which started small . Same is applicable for Traders .

Every day , I get calls from many people and when they ask what strategy they use, they don’t give me a concrete answer.

Trading is no Crime but Trading without Strategy is a Sin .

Thought for the weekend 🙌