PPF vs ELSS discussion

PPF: I am more powerful than you.
ELSS: Why?
1. I hold my investors for 15 yrs. They can’t leave me before that.
2. Once they choose me, they have to contribute something every year. Else I deactivate them.
3. They can’t touch me even if they are in urgent need of money.
4. I give guaranteed return. I am not volatile like you.
5. I have government backing.
ELSS(80C Exemption): I may not be powerful like you but I am helpful to my investors.
1. I don’t want to forcefully hold them. If they are not comfortable with me, they can leave after 3 yrs.
2. I don’t ask them for mandatory contribution and I don’t deactivate them.
3. As I told they can touch me any time after 3 yrs.
4. Your return is also volatile which changes every year. I know I am volatile but I provide them a tool (SIP) to get benefit from my volatility and I help them to beat inflation to create wealth.
5. Off course you have a backing of government but even govt is not able to maintain your attractiveness. That is why you are at 8.1% from 12%.